Holy Name Parish School’s social studies curriculum is designed to engage all of our students in a positive, challenging program. The curriculum encourages lifelong learning of communities, cultures, and major geographical areas to give students a better understanding of the world around them. Following the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and enriching these standards with teacher-created projects, students engage in the study of: communities, our state of Massachusetts, early civilization, North American United States history and government, world geography, and ancient and classical civilizations. 
The curriculum consists of activities and projects that contribute to meaningful connections with real world applications. Students learn about many cultures and religions creating respect and instilling value to the world around them. As our learners begin their journey, they focus on community. As the years progress they begin to focus on the larger world outside. Concepts are introduced and developed as they expand their study of different cultures in depth. 
Providing students with the tools they need to be successful supports their interest in our world. Using textbooks, leveled readers, interactive textbooks, maps, and study guides, students move through the grades developing their understanding of the ever-changing world around them.
Learning from the past, understanding the present, and looking forward to the future, our goal is to prepare our students to be respectful citizens of the world.