The science curriculum at Holy Name Parish School is designed to engage our students in a positive, challenging way. This enables them to be lifelong, faith-centered, productive citizens. In accordance with our belief about educating the whole child, the faculty has an awareness and sensitivity regarding every aspect of the learner, from academic and social development to gender and multicultural differences. Our educators use continuing educational opportunities to ensure the program is intellectually appropriate and challenging. We use a variety of assessments to ensure each and every child has the opportunity to demonstrate success.
The science program uses a spiraling curriculum that is carried through from one grade to the next. The program builds on the material covered in previous years and expands on concepts that are pertinent to the intellectual and developmental level of the children. Science instruction follows the National Science Education standards. Teachers regularly supplement their teaching with content and activities that support ongoing skills, such as observing, communicating, classifying, inferring, prediction making, using models, and experimenting from Nursery through Grade 6. 
All students have equal access to science content and hands-on activities. Students of all learning styles use textbooks, illustrations, graphic organizers, audio CDs Internet resources, interactive board lessons, flip charts, and trade books. Accommodations are made for students to ensure their success. 
The strengths of the program include inquiry-based instruction with cross-curricular activities in reading and math. Students develop solid processing skills for scientific inquiry that will be used throughout their educational and adult years.