The Holy Name Parish School community believes that our identity centers on developing responsible, productive, faith-centered citizens of the world. We integrate our respectful Catholic community with our commitment of academic education of the whole child.
Along with the formal education of our students in the Catholic faith, we are blessed to incorporate our religious beliefs and commitment into our daily lives and our curriculum.
Our day begins with community morning prayer, and frequent Masses and prayer services provide the foundation for our Catholic faith.
With the support of  We Believe (Sadlier) and  Stories of God’s Love (Benziger), students in Nursery through Grade 6 receive instruction in all areas of our faith.
Using the appropriate scope and sequence as well as developmental appropriateness, students are introduced to: Scripture and understanding the Bible as God’s word that teaches us who God is and who we are. This is achieved through both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Creed teaches us there is one God in three persons and that we are made in the image of God. As we celebrate the Mass and Sacraments, we understand through God’s grace we are members of the Universal Church. Guidance in Christian morality hopefully helps our children to make good choices both now and in their future lives. Prayer, both communal and private, helps us to strengthen our relationship with God and provides us with grace and peace in our lives. Community and service is vital to our success as responsible, respectful citizens of the world.
Through our Pastor, clergy, teachers, and administration, our Catholic identify is evident.