Nursery Laura Andrade [email protected]
K1 Amy DeLong [email protected] 
K2 Haley Tierney [email protected] 
Grade 1 Stephanie Wilkens [email protected]
Grade 2 Meghan Peterson [email protected]
Grade 3 Kristina McCarter [email protected]
Grade 4 Janelle Austin [email protected]
Grade 5 Jennifer Norton [email protected]
Grade 6 Gina Todd [email protected]

Grade Ambassadors– The role of the ambassador is to reach out to new families and to help them become familiar and comfortable with the school and the school's various events. Ambassadors also assist the administration, teachers and Home and School Association with communicating requested information to parents. Ambassadors have a strong knowledge of the expectations and happenings of Holy Name Parish School that enables them to communicate via-mail and in person to other parents. Ambassadors are appointed as positions become available.