Holy Name Parish School’s music program emphasizes the overall development of its students’ love of music. Students gain confidence in skills and performing by being exposed to a variety of teaching methods that are grade-level appropriate. Oral, written, and group work; partner practices; instrumental rehearsals; group and solo performances; frequent small group rehearsals; and composing are included in the program. Group games and dancing develop rhythmic and physical coordination. Students are taught comparison and description of historical and ethnic musical styles. The children transition from grade level to grade level beginning with simple percussion instruments and progressing to recorders and glockenspiels. Vocal technique is constantly developed through the grades.

The curriculum uses graded textbooks. The music textbook series facilitates the transition from one grade level to the next. Textbooks include American ethnic, world, popular, and classical music.

Each year, students from Nursery through Grade 6 participate in a Christmas concert which includes a Kindergarten presentation of the Nativity with Christmas Carols. Grades Kindergarten-6 present a Grandparents'/Special Persons' choral concert and the Early Childhood Center prepares songs for the ECC Grandparent's Celebration. All school presentations contribute to building skills and confidence. Concerts include diverse cultural selections in English and other languages. Liturgical music is performed throughout the school year and monthly updated musical periodicals provide topical values and holiday themes. Nursery, PreK, Kindergarten, and Grade 6 present special graduation performances at the conclusion of the school year.

The music program has regularly scheduled meetings, frequent consultations, and collaborations with classroom and special subject teachers as well as the parish’s Director of Music.