Our school’s mathematics series is a challenging, positive program that contributes to the mission of the school by exposing students to real world applications and to the education of the whole child. The program exposes students to critical thinking through the use of challenging problems and math journal writing. Mathematically, students learn alternative methods to breaking down problems and solving them. This provides them with the foundation to master higher-order thinking skills and encourages the development of lifelong learners. 
We believe the application of math skills is essential to the creation of skilled learners preparing for college and careers. The program allows for the use of manipulatives, videos, technology, songs, partner activities, small group activities, games, real world applications, reteaching pages, and enrichment pages. The animations in videos provide additional questions and provide deeper understanding of concepts. The visuals help students focus on one idea at a time and serve as connections within a sequence of ideas. These videos are extremely helpful for English language learners and visual learners. The spiraling curriculum allows students to transition well between grades, maintaining current skills and learning new ones.
Appropriate benchmark assessments provide for adequate pacing of material and support curriculum planning. The enVisionMATH program maintains a connection between math and literature by offering an introductory passage for each topic. Conceptual understanding, computational and procedural fluency, and problem-solving skills are equally important and mutually reinforce each other.