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Each year, Holy Name provides an outstanding academic experience grounded in faith and values to every student. To remain affordable for our families, Holy Name sets its tuition below the cost of education per student. The HNPS Fund, the school’s annual giving campaign, bridges the gap between tuition and the true cost of education. Holy Name uses the HNPS Fund to address the following school priorities:


Your gift can support any of the following:

COVID Expenses

The disruption of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education and our normal operating procedures. The school has significant additional costs this year to implement our health and safety protocols.

Outstanding Educators

Holy Name has a long tradition of academic excellence and excellent educators. Contributions to the HNPS Fund help the school attract and retain outstanding teachers as well as provide professional development opportunities for the faculty.

Rigorous Learning Experiences

Our school offers students a dynamic and enriching experience, grounded in sound teaching principles, and guided by our Catholic faith. We provide learners the foundations needed to become successful, thoughtful citizens of their community, country, and world. Your financial support helps Holy Name purchase the necessary materials, resources, and classroom furniture to offer this type of experience to our students.

Instructional Technology

Technology has become part of our everyday lives. While our rigorous curriculum and expert educators are the foundation of our program, technology augments instruction, allows for collaboration and connection, and creates opportunities for new forms of instruction. Generous donations to the HNPS Fund allow us to invest in our technology infrastructure.

Tuition Assistance

Each year Holy Name provides tuition assistance to families who could not otherwise enroll their children at Holy Name.

A Gift of any size helps.

Many people believe that only large gifts count. At Holy Name, every dollar counts. And if you are not in a position to give financially, Holy Name will gratefully accept your gift of prayer.

Please consider becoming a member of the circle that fits your family’s budget.

Up to $99                    Red and White Circle
$100-$249                   Faculty Circle
$250-$499                   Principal’s Circle
$500-$999                   Pastor’s Circle
$1000                          Holy Name Eagle Circle