In the Art Room the goal is to assist students in becoming independent decision makers with superior problem solving capabilities.  We focus on developing the fine motor skills of each student, as well as develop their cognitive thinking skills. The students work in a variety of mediums ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts and mixed media, so that they possess a myriad of artistic experiences.  The curriculum in the Art room is both multicultural and multidisciplinary, so that what is learned in the Art Room can be applied in other areas of the students’ life and academic studies. The curriculum is designed to possess a context outside of the Art Room, so that again, students can see how and why Art has a place in every person’s daily life.  It is the goal of the Art program to create a community of art appreciation by regularly displaying artwork throughout the school, as well as conduct annual art fundraisers in which students and parents can create artwork to benefit our school financially. In this way, we have built a community that values the role the Visual Arts plays in the daily lives of our students and to serve the individual needs of today’s 21st Century learners.