Holy Name Parish School’s physical education program encourages the development of the social, physical, aesthetic, ethical, and emotional needs of its students. Students engage in a variety of age appropriate games and activities to reinforce aspects of development in a positive and fun environment. Movement concepts, game strategies, responsible conduct and sportsmanship focus on individual growth and versatility.

Students in the 5th and 6th grade participate in an eight week "Socially Fit" program which includes etiquette, interviewing skills, good manners, as well as ballroom dancing, teaching respect using new skills and exercise. The Eagles Extra after school program offers physical activities a few afternoons a week for all age groups. Olympic activities support the opportunity for exploring cultural diversity with an interdisciplinary approach. The school nurse and physical education teacher are available to address the daily health needs and concerns of the student population. Grade 6 students attend the Agassiz Village environmental encampment for four days each year where they are afforded the opportunity to cultivate interrelationships through physical activity and exploration.